Specialist in building Surf inspired Skateboards & Urban Inspired Cruisers

Our 38 inch and 44 inch boards are built for skaters looking for a wider, more stable carving board. we equip our boards with Carver CX, SmoothStar Thruster 1s (limited supply, Surf-Rodz, Original, or Independent trucks to provide a wide range of rider options whether it be carving or are real surfy feeling or down hill riding we have a custom handmade board for you just tell us what you want. We also make extra long boards 65 inches long 14 inches wide that are great Dancers for cross stepping and land Stand Up Paddle board training. We customize all of our orders with components of your choice. All of our boards are hand made. (prices vary with component choices) Ask about the creation of the week as we are always building something new and unique as we thrive  on building our boards as one of a kind pieces of art. Our boards with top of the line bearings and components ride incredibly well. If you are ever in our area stop buy and test out any board and have some fun.

From 38 inches to 65 inches our boards are all made to perform exceptionally well. We will not sell anything that has not personally blown us away.

Choose which board is right for your style and choose which truck set up you would like and order it online here or via email so we can speak one on one with you.

We are artist and surfers and skaters. Many of our boards are displayed in gallerys and museums. Our gallery page is a place to get inspired. Enjoy it and feel fee to send us anything you would like to share.